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How to use Your Folks website - Genealogy services

To choose one of YourFolks services, use the menu above. If you are a member, it is recommended to login as you enter the site to gain full access.

You can access the following services, those with an (*) are reserved to our members:

FAMILY TREE - Family Tree Service (*)
SEARCH - Database and search engine (*)
• Genealogy Guide - How to best use Your Folks service to meet your genealogy needs
• Genealogy 101 - Basic genealogy concept and terms for beginners
• Family Name - How many times a family name is in Your Folks' database
• First Names - How many times a first name is in Your Folks' database
• Pioneers - New France Pioneers history
• Genealogical Data quality - Why Your Folks data is superior
• Other genealogy links - Genealogy links list
TERRITORY - Territory covered by Your Folks
BECOME A MEMBER - Member registration
When logged in:
- Personal data, password, Premium Services statement (*)
- To logout from Your Folks (*)


For more informations on how to best use YourFolks, visit the section: Genealogy Guide.

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