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How to use the list of potential families

That list can be presented in two ways:

  • the short list shows all marriages corresponding to your search terms. The date and place of their family records are always precise
  • the full list shows, in addition, family records that have been created because of their children's marriages in a region, even though their parents married elsewhere. In that case, the date is listed as "Before xxxx" and the place is undetermined.

You can switch between those two presentations by clicking on the corresponding tab.

Each list presents all marriages corresponding to the criteria specified in your search.

By clicking on the year, you will get the description of the family founded by the spouses, including:

  • The date and place of their wedding
  • Their parents
  • Their preceding and/or following spouse
  • Their married children, the date and place of their first wedding, and their spouse.

When a marriage did not occur in the territory currently covered by Your Folks , its parish is "Undetermined place".

The list of potential families can be long enough to require many pages. The number of the current page appears in black at the end of the list, together with links to the other pages of the list.

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