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Incomplete links

A family can be incomplete because Your Folks could not link all the marriages together:

Marriages celebrated in different regions are not, for the moment, grouped into a single family.

So, there can be, for the time being, more than one family record for the same family. For example:

  • If Joseph Gagnon and Marie Tremblay were married in the Eastern Townships, as well as 2 of their children but 3 of their children were married in Montreal
  • We will then have 2 family records:
    • One for Joseph and Marie's marriage, together with marriages of their 2 children married in the Eastern Townships, since they all took place in the same region
    • Another one, still with the names of Joseph and Marie, but this time with their 3 children who were married in Montreal; in this family record, Joseph and Marie's marriage date is approximated and the place is left as "undetermined".

How to find the missing family records?

A new search for the parents (Joseph and Marie in our case) should help find other family records for the same couple. Click on "Find this marriage in another region" at the bottom of the family record to find them automatically.

If you do not get good results, do the search yourself.

Here are some tricks to identify them:

  • The spouses' names and surnames should be similar
  • There should not normally be more than one family record with an exact date and place
  • Years help ignore family records that do not correspond to the same family (ex. an XVIIth century record and one in the XXth century cannot describe the same family).

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