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Help to rectify or add data - Family search engine

We encourage our members to let us know about any changes or additions to the database they deem important.

Before asking for such a change, a member must first make sure the marriage has occurred in the territory covered by Your Folks. If not, our working process does not allow us to make that kind of change.

There is 2 ways to follow:

  • For changes to marriages celebrated in the territory covered by Your Folks, click on the button "GIVE COMMENTS ON THIS RECORD" at the bottom of the specific family record. Then fill in the form, providing a rationale for recommending the change.
  • For the adding of marriages celebrated in the territory covered by YourFolks, send an email to including all the information on the marriage, and the rationale for adding it.

In both cases, Your Folks will reply to confirm whether the recommendation is accepted or not. Note, there may be a delay before the change is made, based on the workload of the team.

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