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Help for automatic search of ancestors

This new service is in the Family Tree section on Your Folks. Your Folks finds and adds many of your ancestors automatically. This service will help you build your family tree. To benefit from this service, a member must subscribe to Premium Services. However, you can find out how many ancestors are found by Your Folks without any subscription, but you will not be able to add the ancestors automatically to your family tree.

How To Use This Service?

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  1. Begin a new (or open your existing) Family Tree
  2. Answer some questions to help find your parents marriage
  3. Your Folks tells you how many ancestors are found
  4. With your Premium Services subscription, choose how many ancestors you want to add to your Family Tree
  5. And there they are .... in your Family Tree (names, date and place of marriage)

You can use this service at any time in your Family Tree

Click on btn loupe for any of your ancestors in your Family Tree, and after answering a few questions, Your Folks will find your ancestors automatically.

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