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Giving suggestions or sharing pictures as a guest

A friend has invited you to see his family tree, so what do you do now?

What you can do

As a guest you can look at the family tree, the profiles and photos of each individual it contains. You can also give suggestions and share photos with its owner.

Look at the family tree

In the email invitation you received, click on « SEE THE FAMILY TREE ». You will then the family tree. To go through the tree, the main navigation buttons are:

Switch subject Under each person in the tree This will move the person to the left part of the screen Click on children or ancestors.
Next generation Under persons on the right side of the tree Will show the next generation on the right side of the tree.
Reset position In the toolbar on the top left corner Reset the tree to its basic position. Use especially if your are lost in the tree.
Search a person In the toolbar on the top left corner Search a person in the tree and go directly to its profile.

Browse through personal profiles

Each person in the family tree has an individual profile, which may contain genealogic information and photos. To see a profile, in the family tree, click on the person’s name.

You will get a page similar to the one below. Browse from one profile to another by clicking on the names (in blue). Click on tabs on the top left corner to swap between: Profile /profile’s pictures / all pictures. To go back to the family tree, click on BACK TO THE TREE on the top right corner.


Give Suggestions

If you want to add or propose information in a profile, click on « GIVE A SUGGESTION » in the specific profile A form will appear, give your suggestion and click on « SAVE».

Give a suggestion

You suggestion will appear at the bottom of the profile page.

See suggestions

The family tree owner will decide what to do with your suggestions.

Share Pictures

In the Profile’s pictures Tab, you can share pictures. Click on SHARE PICTURES.

Share dictures

Follow the instructions for each picture to share and repeat.

Add a picture

The family tree owner will decide what to do with your pictures.

Build Your Own Family Tree

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