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Help for search criteria - Family search engine

Your Folks search engine offers two kinds of search:

  • the simple search (recommended), which is sufficient in the vast majority of searches
  • the advanced search, to be used only when the simple search gives a list of potential families too long

You can switch between both kinds of searches by clicking on the corresponding tab.

Simple search

The only information that you must put is the family name of one of the spouses and one other family or first name. For example, search all the husbands with the family name Gagnon and the wife's name Marie.

Advanced search

If the Simple search gives too many results, you might want to specify more criteria to shorten it. For example,

  • Husbands whose first name includes Baptiste (ex. Jean-Baptiste) and whose last name includes Onge (ex. Saint-Onge)
  • with a marriages that occurred between 1800 and 1850 inclusively


  • If only one year is specified, only the weddings that occurred on that year will be considered (ex. between 1800 and ____, will give only the family records of 1800)
  • Do not use parish and/or town unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • If you use a place name, use only part of it (ex. Conception for Immaculate Conception).

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