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Barbara Lemieux
Quebec, QC
« Thank you so much! It goes without saying that I recommend your site to my friends because you are very professional and attentive to your subscribers. Good continuity to the genealogy website YourFolks. »
Diane Vincent
Longueuil, QC
« I recommend your site because I go through my tree as fast as an arrow! »
Jacques Boisseau
Baie-Comeau, QC
« I appreciate your thoroughness, a clear sign of quality. »
Michelle Lalonde
Ile-Perrot, QC
« I love your website. Searches are easy and fast. »
Guy Morin
Pierrefonds, QC
« Your site helped me a lot in tracing my ancestors and those of my wife. I am pleased with the results. I teach computer initiation in an elderly club, I am sure they will love it. »
« I stumbled upon your website. What a wonderful find. It’s easy to understand and to read. It’s a gold mine of information well designed. Thanks a lot for this beautiful site. One try and you are hooked. Congratulations. With all my recognition. »
Mélanie Pratte
Saint-Basile-Le-Grand, QC
« Your website is very interesting. Thanks to you, I found the first name of one of my great grandfathers. »
Pierre Sunsburg
Seattle, Washington
« The British call it ‘value for money’, what you get for what you pay. Well, the best value for money I have ever found in years of genealogy research is from »
Claude Proulx
Val-David, QC
« I have been a subscriber to for many years. Website is well designed. Very useful, I personally recommend it with PRDH of Université de Montréal to all my friends and contacts. »
Colette Fontaine
Saint-Andre-Avellin, QC
« I thank you because your website performs really well. I find that your website is way more comprehensive than other well-known sites, where I do not find anything. »
Anne-Louise Auger
St-Laurent, QC
« I recently began to do my family’s genealogy and I discovered your website. It is very interesting and will help a lot in building a family tree. It’s very accessible and user-friendly. »
Dora Perus
« My results are better than expected. Thank you. This is very good work. I am totally satisfied because I found exactly what I was looking for. »
Françoise Dumont-Sauve
Longueuil, QC
« Thank you for the special treatment of my request and for sharing how you conduct your researches. Great professionalism! »
Kate Denis
« What a wonderful search engine. Well organized. I love what you have done. We learn many new interesting facts on our origins I’ve told about your website to many people. »
Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare, QC
« Your website is very well designed. It’s clear, easy to use, well written, all my congratulations. »
Guylaine Petrin
Toronto, ON
« Very easy to use, It’s a very good search engine. »
Lise Filion
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
« Your website is easy to use and presents well the results. It is fun to use. I love it. »
Patrick Brière
Montreal, QC
« I am very satisfied; your website is very useful. Thanks again. »
« Your website is nothing short of WONDERFUL! After all this time I’ve spent searching on other genealogy websites, finally, I have answers. Thanks! »
Marie-Helene Bernier
Levis, QC
« I just want to thank you for all the great work you have done. It’s wonderful! I am very happy. Thank you a thousand times. You impress me. »
Joanne Forget
St-Lin-des-Laurentides, QC
« It’s a good research product. Congratulations »
Paul Mathieu
Sherbrooke, QC
« I just love this tool that help us visualize our progress in our researches and that memorizes all the relative information (profession, interest, etc.) The app that allows putting a photo with every name in the tree is a stroke of genius. Practically, this is the end of wasting time chasing lost pieces of paper with our notes on. »
Pierre Bonneau
Montreal, QC
« I want to recognize the diligence you have shown in building your database. »
Francine Gervais
Brossard, QC
« Congratulations for your new website. It’s easier to do searches once we understand the changes (short list, full list) and it’s pleasing on the eye. Once again, congratulations continue your great work. »
Evelyn Housman
Santa Barbara, Californie
« Your website is the very best. I have been able to locate accurate information on my ancestors. »
Sonia Archambault
Contrecoeur, QC
« Hi, I want to say THANK YOU a thousand times. I was looking for my spouse’s great great grandfather and the rest of his family. Thanks to you I know have it. Thank you again »
Terri MacLeod
Kingston, ON
« A great source of information. »
Jacques Leboeuf
Laval, QC
« Congratulations for the new design.  It’s clear, accurate and user friendly. I like to use it and I recommend it to my friends. »
Jacques Reid
Beauharnois, QC
« It is very nice. It’s easier for our researches. It is very welcoming, nice drawing. I am pleased. »
Gisèle Forget-Bordron
Montreal, QC
« Your website continues to improve. It’s user friendly and simple. The idea to add ancestors automatically is a stroke of genius. Congratulations »
Louise Villeneuve-Fish
« This is exactly what I was looking for to verify the second marriage! I will definitely be using your program again when this runs out. »
Sister Therese Gregoire
« Since I live far away, looking for my Quebec family would be impossible without your services. My 4 grandparents were Quebeckers, and I have been using 2 subscriptions of 1000 vouchers and I keep find more. »
Mireille Lefebvre
St-Eustache, QC
« I am thankful for all the time you take each time to answer… I had fun calculating this week end: 5 first generations: 97% in; 6th generation; 91% in; 7th generation: 75% in I thought you would like to understand with numbers how your work helped me. »
Lise J. Demers
Orléans, ON
« Thanks for all the help in discovering my roots. »
« It’s a wonderful search engine. Well organized. I love what you have done; we uncover much new interesting information on our origins. I let many people know about your website :) »
France- Corriveau
Brownsburg-Chatham, QC
« I just became a subscriber today and already I have found many new facts on my family! »
« Congratulations for your interview on the CBC. I like your website and I use it a lot for research but also to confirm data I got from elsewhere. Evidently what remains very impressive, are your family records that explodes into the children’s family records. Kudos I am new to genealogy but I know enough to understand how much work you have put into your website. »
Evelyn Bourassa
« This is a website which motivates us to continue our researches because you make the information we are looking for easy to understand. Continue your excellent work. »
Garth Paterson
Surrey, BC
« We have just started using after a year of research on my wife's family. I wish we would have learned of this site much sooner, as already it has been a great help. »
Jacques Chicoine
Quebec, QC
« I have been impressed by the quality of your customer service. You answered all my questions This confirms the value of your website and all the efforts you put in continuing your research for the greatest satisfaction of all whom want to trace their ancestry. Thank you very much… »
Julie Fiset
« I am very pleased with your customer service. I asked 2 questions. The answers are quick and perfect. »
Michel Bettez
Montreal, QC
« Your website is wonderful to research our ancestors. »
Gisele Thiriet
Pierrefonds, QC
« I love your website; I find practically all I look for. »
Christine Dorval
Timmins, ON
« Just wanted to let you know once again I feel your site is one of the very best out there. I keep on finding information that relates to my family lines that I never knew before. Your site is awesome. Keep up the good work. A very, very satisfied customer. »
Cathy Pepin-Toussaint
Bloomfield, NJ
« Thanks for a wonderful site, very inexpensive too, not to mention a time-saver!!! »
Marie E. Collins
Dedham, Massachusetts
« I have found this site very interesting and have found relatives I never knew I had. »
Gilles Morin
« I use your database more and more often. Easy to use and fun. »
Paul DesRosiers
Pointe-Claire, QC
« I love your website. Continue your great work! »
Michel Gilbert
Magog, QC
« It is very interesting to do researches on your website. I have recommended it to many friends. »
Marc Routhier
Thetford Mines, QC
« I love your website. It’s information rich. I am consistently impressed by all the information it contains. »
Colette Goyette
« I understand all the thoroughness you put in your research, which for me means being able to trace my ancestry. I really like your website. I have found a lot on my father side already. I am now moving on my mother side. It’s great. »
Line Mongeau
Victoriaville, QC
« Continue your great work; it is a very useful website. »
Diane Hebert
« I can guess how much work was required to get this website up and running. I encourage you to continue this extraordinary work; we will never thank you enough. Thanks again. »
Oscar Bigras
« You deserve congratulations for bringing together all this information on Quebec family origins. »
Lorraine Brunet
La Plaine, QC
« I am so pleased to have found my maternal great great grandparents names. I can’t wait for tomorrow to share everything with my mother. I am sure she will be happy because she must have forgotten those names. Thanks a million, continue, you do a marvelous work. »
Marie-Hélène Bourdeau
La Prairie, QC
« I just want to take the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your services. Thanks to your website, I have been able to unlock 2 branches in my tree. With the information I found on your website, I now understand that my 2 great great grandmothers were inverted!!! »

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