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Transcript of a TV chronicle on April 21, 2011 on TVA channel.

Genealogy made simple thanks to the Web!

We talk about, an interesting way for you to trace your origins.

Listen Gino, when I was a little girl, I traveled with my father around Quebec on the trail of our ancestors. We went to the cemeteries and in the churches. Today it is much less complicated, it takes a few clicks on the Web and this is what YourFolks offers.

So how does it work? Well! Look at the tree and what is interesting is that no matter if we have done research we can enter data we already have. Or if you do not know any of our family tree ...

-We can trace the footsteps of our ancestors?

-We can go back our ancestors using what they call the magic wand. So you buy points and with this magic wand, you can find ancestors. So that's what I'll do. Currently, that is what I did to get my family tree here. What's interesting also is that ... YourFolks gives us the opportunity to also have copies of marriage certificates. YourFolks has among his partners, The Genealogical Society of Eastern Townships, which has a huge database in terms of genealogy. They traveled the parishes and copied the marriage records.

So, we can make our family tree like that and then afterwards, well, you can print them on large format high quality paper. You imagine it's super nice gifts for Father's Day and Mother's Day. Summer's coming up with the wedding season. So there it makes great gifts to offer. I'll give it to my mom. And I'm sure she'll be very happy.

Well yes it is beautiful, and the finish is great.

-I just want to tell you my first ancestor is Guillaume Pepin. They say he was born about 1608 in France and in Quebec in 1667, he owned six heads of cattle, two acres and later he will have 30 acres of land and died in Three Rivers.

-There is additional information. It's funny that you mention the Genealogical Society of the Eastern Townships. This is where I took my family tree when I was a student in the Sherbrooke area. At the time I was 13-14. I'm glad to know that they still exist and it turned into this very interesting website and particularly well crafted for people to trace their ancestors. So, genealogy made simple. In addition you have access to derivatives in order to make nice gifts in the coming months, the next few weeks.

Thank you.


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