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List of Galvin family ancestors

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Alfred GalvinAlice GalvinAndrew GalvinAndrew-Joseph Galvin
Ann GalvinAnna GalvinAnna-M GalvinAnnie Galvin
Ann-Marie GalvinBernard GalvinBridget GalvinBridgitte Galvin
Catherine GalvinCatherine-Stella GalvinCelian GalvinCyril-Patrick-Joseph Galvin
Daniel GalvinDavid GalvinDavid-Thomas GalvinDenis Galvin
Dennis GalvinDonald-Ernest GalvinDorothy-Laurene GalvinEdward Galvin
Elaine GalvinEleanor-R GalvinElisabeth GalvinEliza-Ann Galvin
Ellen GalvinEmma GalvinErnest GalvinEwart-Michael Galvin
Florence GalvinGarrett-K GalvinGeorge GalvinGeorges Galvin
Georges-William GalvinGeraldine GalvinGertrude GalvinGrace Galvin
Helen GalvinHelena GalvinHelene GalvinHenriette-Augusta Galvin
Honora GalvinHughes GalvinJacqueline GalvinJames Galvin
James-A-Sr GalvinJames-A-V GalvinJames-Patrick GalvinJanet Galvin
Jeremiah GalvinJoan-Georgina GalvinJohn GalvinJoseph Galvin
Joseph-Andrew GalvinJudith GalvinJudy GalvinJulia Galvin
Lawrence GalvinLoretta GalvinLouisa GalvinMargaret Galvin
Margeret GalvinMarguerite GalvinMarguerite-May GalvinMarie Galvin
Marie-Agnes GalvinMarie-Nellie GalvinMartin GalvinMartine Galvin
Mary GalvinMary-Anna GalvinMaud-Bridgit GalvinMaude Galvin
Maurice GalvinMerrill-Alton GalvinMichael GalvinMichel Galvin
Morris GalvinM-Patricia-Alice GalvinM-R-Clara GalvinNancy Galvin
Patrick GalvinPatrick-Cassidy GalvinPerpetue GalvinPeter Galvin
Pierre-Paul GalvinRita GalvinRodger GalvinRose-Mary Galvin
Ruby GalvinRuth GalvinSarah GalvinSarah-B Galvin
Stanley-Bruce GalvinStella GalvinSterling GalvinTerrence Galvin
Thomas GalvinThomas-Henri GalvinThomas-John GalvinTimothy Galvin
Veronica GalvinVirginia GalvinWilliam GalvinWilliam-John Galvin
William-Leonard Galvin
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