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List of Cantin family ancestors | Page 2

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Christiane CantinChristine CantinChrysanthe CantinChrystiane Cantin
Chs-Emile CantinClaire CantinClara CantinClauda Cantin
Claude CantinClaudette CantinClaudia CantinClaudine Cantin
Clemence CantinClement CantinClementine CantinCleophas Cantin
Cleophire CantinClermont CantinClopline CantinClorilda Cantin
Clothilde CantinClovia CantinClovis CantinColette Cantin
Colombe CantinCome CantinConrad CantinConstance Cantin
Coram CantinCordelia CantinCorine CantinCorinne Cantin
Corom CantinCyprien CantinCyrianne CantinCyrias Cantin
Cyrille CantinD.-Louis CantinDamas CantinDamase Cantin
Damien CantinDaniel CantinDaniele CantinDanielle Cantin
Danny CantinDany CantinDanyele CantinDavid Cantin
David-Gerard CantinDeesire CantinDelia CantinDelima Cantin
Delimace CantinDelima-Delina CantinDelina CantinDelinda Cantin
Delphine CantinDelvina CantinDemerise CantinDenis Cantin
Denise CantinDenyse CantinDesanges CantinDesire Cantin
Desneige CantinDesneiges CantinDiana CantinDiane Cantin
Dieudonne CantinDina CantinDolores CantinDomina Cantin
Dominique CantinDonald CantinDonalda CantinDonat Cantin
Donat-Gerard CantinDora CantinDoreen CantinDorilla Cantin
Doris CantinDorothee CantinDosithee CantinDulcina Cantin
Eddy CantinEdesse CantinEdgar CantinEdith Cantin
Edith-Jane-Ida CantinEdmond CantinEdmond-Joseph-Lorenz CantinEdna Cantin
Edouard CantinEgide CantinElaine CantinEleonore Cantin
Eleusippe CantinEliane CantinElianne CantinElie Cantin
Elisabeth CantinElise CantinElizabeth CantinElize Cantin
Elmer CantinElmina CantinElmira CantinElmire Cantin
Elodie CantinEloida CantinElphege CantinElphegina Cantin
Elzar CantinElzear CantinElzear-Alex CantinElzilda Cantin
Elzire CantinEmelie CantinEmeline CantinEmerence Cantin
Emerentienne CantinEmerilda CantinEmile CantinEmile-Aime Cantin
Emilia CantinEmilie CantinEmilien CantinEmilienne Cantin
Emma CantinEmmelie CantinEric CantinErnest Cantin
Ernestine CantinEstelle CantinEsther CantinEtienne Cantin
Etiennette CantinEudore CantinEugene CantinEugene-Louis Cantin
Eugenie CantinEulalie CantinEuphrosine CantinEva Cantin
Eva-Marie-Virginie CantinEvangeline CantinEveline CantinEvelyna Cantin
Evelyne CantinExerina CantinExilda CantinExilia Cantin
Exima CantinExina CantinF.-Xavier CantinFabien Cantin
Fabiola CantinFelicite CantinFelix CantinFelonise Cantin
Ferdinand CantinFernand CantinFernande CantinFernando Cantin
Ferrier CantinFilias CantinFirmine CantinFlavie Cantin
Flavien CantinFleurette CantinFlora CantinFloran Cantin
Flore CantinFlorence CantinFlorent CantinFlorentine Cantin
Florestine CantinFlorette CantinFlorian CantinFlorianne Cantin
Floribert CantinFlorida CantinFlorilda CantinFortunat Cantin
France CantinFrancine CantinFrancis CantinFrancois Cantin
Francoise CantinFrancois-Pierre CantinFrancois-Xavier CantinFrederic Cantin
Frederick CantinG.-Henri CantinGabriel CantinGabrielle Cantin
Gaby CantinGaetan CantinGaetane CantinGary Cantin
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