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Lagueux family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Lagueux-Charpentier
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Marriages of the family Lagueux
Our database contains 831 records of marriages of the family Lagueux, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1726Sainte-Foy, QcJoseph Lalague-CharpentierCatherine Therrien
1745Quebec, QcPierre MilletteMarie-Angelique Laigu
1748Saint-Vallier, QcLouis-Marie LagueuxMarie-Louise Therrien
1749Chateau-Richer, QcJoseph Lagueux-Lalague-CharpentierMarie Moreau-Lagrange
1760Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcPierre GuillonMarie Lagueux
1762Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcGabriel BissonnetteMadeleine Lagueux
1763Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcCharles CloutierMarguerite Lagueux
1766La-Pocatiere, QcAntoine ChretienAnne Lagueux
1769Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJoseph Lagueux-Lalague-CharpentierLouise Racine
1770Chambly, QcLouis PotvinMarguerite Lague
1778Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJoseph FortinMadeleine Lagueux
1783Levis, QcMichel LecoursFrancoise Lagueux
1783Levis, QcPierre-Bernard LagueuxAgathe Samson
1790Levis, QcLouis-Abraham LagueuxMarie-Louise Begin
1793Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste ClicheMarie Lagueux-Charpentier
1794Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcAntoine MarcouxMarguerite Lagueux
1796Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcLouis PoulinJosephte Charpentier
1797Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcFrancois LagueuxMarie-Therese Doyon
1797Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcJean-Baptiste LabbeMarie-Louise Lagueux
1801Saint-Joseph-De-Beauce, QcNoel VachonAngelique Lagueux
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lagueux
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lagueux
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Baptisms list
1878Saint-Octave-de-Metis, QCMarie-Philomene-Desneiges LagueuxF
1879Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Gedeon Lagueux-CharpentierM
1882Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCM.Appoline LagueuxF
1882Saint-Octave-de-Metis, QCJoseph-Alfred LagueuxM
1882Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCM.Amanda Charpentier-LagueuxF
1884Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJos.Onile LagueuxM
1885Saint-Octave-de-Metis, QCEdouard LagueuxM
1885Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJos.Liboire LagueuxM
1886Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJos.Francois-Xavier LagueuxM
1887Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCM.Eugenie LagueuxF
1887Saint-Octave-de-Metis, QCMarie-Philomene LagueuxF
1888Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCMarie-Adele-Florida LagueuxF
1889Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Phileas LagueuxM
1889Sherbrooke, QCM.Amanda-Celina LagueuxF
1890Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCMarie-Delia LagueuxF
1893Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Thomas LagueuxM
1893Black-Lake, QCM.Alexina LagueuxF
1893Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Napoleon LagueuxM
1895Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Alfred-Leonidas LagueuxM
1896Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCMarie-Leonie LagueuxF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lagueux
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lagueux
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Burrials list
1829La-Prairie, QCSusanne-Cecile LagueuxF
1891Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCPhileas Charpentier-Dit-LagueuxM
1893Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCMarie LagueuxF
1896Saint-Methode-de-Frontenac, QCMariedesneiges Lagueux-CharpentierF
1899Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Alfred LagueuxM
1899Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCJoseph-Desire LagueuxM
1900Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCNapoleon LagueuxM
1900Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCLeonie LagueuxF
1901Black-Lake, QCAnonyme Lagueux
1901Black-Lake, QCAnonyme LagueuxM
1906Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCAnonyme Lagueux
1907Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCM.Anne LagueuxF
1907Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCAurore LagueuxF
1908Black-Lake, QCM.Rose-Aimee-Cordelia LagueuxF
1909Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie-Partie-Sud, QCMarie LagueuxF
1910Saint-ephrem-de-Beauce, QCJoseph-Louisphilippe LagueuxM
1911East-Angus, QCMarie-Blanche-Amanda LagueuxF
1911Black-Lake, QCJoseph-Albert-Adrien LagueuxM
1912East-Angus, QCJoseph-Valere-Martin LagueuxM
1913East-Angus, QCAnonyme LagueuxF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Lagueux

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Origin of name Lagueux

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Celebrities of the family Lagueux

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