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Building My Family Tree

Note: Make sure you are registered and logged in when you use this service. To find out how, click here.

1. Open the family tree service

family tree

2. Fill in the basic information form

tree form 1

3. Fill in the complementary form to help to find your ancestors

tree form 2

4. Select your parent from the list by clicking on their marriage date

tree form 3

If you cannot find your parents, you may do a more extensive search (if available) or a new search. In this case, your family tree will, at this point, only contain the information you provided. You will be able to try again by adding ancestors automatically later.

5. Choose which ancestors you want to add.

You will pay via your Premium Services subscription. (if you are not a Premium Services subscriber, click here to find out how)

tree form 4

It's that easy … Your Family Tree

img tree

You can always add as many ancestors as you want by simply clicking on the 'magnifier' of any of your ancestors.

How to get the most of my Family Tree :

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