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Add information, stories and pictures to my family tree

You need to have a family tree open to use this service.

1. Click on the ancestor to whom you want to add information, stories or pictures.

2. Add the information in the form and "CONFIRM". To see more details, click on "PROFILE".

Below is the example of the first page of a profile.


On the more detailed profile, you can:

3a. Add information or stories.

Click on "EDIT" of the section to be edited. Enter the information and save it. You can also add stories in the "Comments" section. When completed, click on "BACK TO MY TREE" on top of the profile.

3b. Add pictures.

In the profile, click on the "Profile's pictures" Tab at the top of the profile. Existing pictures will appear. To add more, click on "Add pictures" and follow the directions.

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