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Help to print your family tree

After you clicked on (imprimante) in your family tree toolbar, you must select the tree type and design before printing. Click on each of the options to see them all and make a better choice. Once you have made your selection, click on CONTINUE.

Note: You will be the subject of your tree by default. If you want to print a tree for someone else in your tree, put this person on the left hand side of your tree before clicking on the printer and starting the process.


Preview your tree before printing

You will get a preview as per below. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to see the entire picture. If you like it, you can print it on your printer for free by clicking on FREE PRINTING or have us professionally print it on a large size quality paper poster by clicking on LARGE POSTER - PROFESSIONAL PRINTING.


Professional printing of your tree

First of all, choose any options you are interested in. Based on your selections, the grand total will adjust on right hand side. Then, input your personal information. Shipping fees and taxes will be calculated based on your address, if applicable. (Shipping costs include a tube to protect your product.)


Then choose how you want to pay :

Pay by credit card

Confirm the information, read the terms of use, and click on ‘CONTINUE’
Enter your credit card information and click on ‘PROCESS TRANSACTION’
One you get your receipt, print it and keep it in your files. You will receive a copy by email too. When your order is ready, you will get an email to confirm it just shipped.

Pay by mail

Read the terms of use and click on ‘PRINT’
Print the form and send it with your payment at the address written on the form.
Once the payment is cashed in, you will get a confirmation email. A second email will be sent when the order is shipped.

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