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Professional genealogy - Genealogy done by experts

Service Description
In our professional genealogy service, our experts do your genealogy as per the products offered. A few weeks after payment, you will get it in two versions: digital on the Internet and printed on quality paper.
Digital Version
Your genealogy will be put in a private space on You will have full access at any time. You will be able to add photos, other ancestors and other genealogical data. The information found by our experts will be available for each ancestor.
Quality Paper Version
Your genealogy will be printed professionally on quality paper. It will be an artistic rendering, ready to be framed.

For paternal and maternal lines:
The poster is 12” x 16”, laser color printed on linen paper.

For family trees:
The poster is 18” x 24”, laminated to protect it. As seen on the examples, for esthetic purposes, this version only contains marriage years (the date and place are available in the digital version).
Genealogical Content
The genealogical information found by our experts will be: the ancestors first and last name, the date and place of their marriage, the first and maiden name of their spouse.

A paternal and maternal line will contain 10 to 30 ancestors, which is the subject + 5 to 15 generations. A family tree will contain from 100 to 136 ancestors, which if all 136 ancestors are found is 11 generations for the paternal line and 6 generations for all other branches.

Our researchers follow best practices in genealogy and use only the best genealogical sources available.
Covered Territory
Most of the research is done in covered territory (Quebec and parts of Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Alberta). We will also look for ancestors in the rest of North America, and we will perform limited searches in Western Europe. For their research, our experts have also access to data beside those available on
Information Not Included
Only the subject’s ancestors are included. The work will not include: the subject’s children, his marriage, his brothers and sisters or those of his ancestors.

However, a short paragraph (400 characters max.) is available to describe the subject. This paragraph is often used to put information on the subject immediate family: his marriage, his children and grandchildren. This paragraph is put at the top of the printed poster.
First Ancestor and Family Name Origins
You may ask to prepare (optional) a short text on your first ancestor in North America and your family name origins. For a paternal line and a family tree, this will be the subject’s father’s 1st ancestor and name. For a maternal line, this will be the subject’s mother’s first ancestor and name.
Aboriginal Origins – Indian Status
For all Indian status queries, follow up with the appropriate authorities. The only information provided in a genealogy performed by that can give a hint on the Indians origins of a person are the place of marriage of an ancestor and his name.

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