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Building Your Family Tree

In the family tree section, you can build your family tree for free and share it with your friends and family.

Invite others to collaborate and exchange pictures, stories and information to enrich your family tree.

Your family tree may contain as many ancestors and pictures as you wish. Easy to go through, your family tree tells you for each person: how many ancestor he/she has in the tree, the year of his/her marriage and the name of his/her spouse, his/her parents' name and if any information on birth/death/other marriages is available in the individual profile.

Moreover, an integrated search tool will allow you to find an ancestor in your tree, to put him/her as subject of your tree, see his/her immediate family, or to write or find out more on this person with their individual profile.

Individual Profiles

Each individual in your family tree has an individual profile that may contain pictures, vital data, comments, and is linked via clicks to the profiles of his/her immediate family -- parents, children, brothers & sisters, spouse(s).

Individual profiles give you access to all the pictures in your family tree.

Premium Services

With Premium Services, building your family tree gets even easier. Your Folks will help you to find your ancestors automatically. Moreover, you can always use our powerful family search engine for a more in-depth look at your genealogy.

Professional Services

Finally, with the professional printing service, you can print your genealogy on a premium poster, with an exclusive professional design, ready to be framed.

If you just want the easiest option of them all... Ask to the experts of Your Folks to do your genealogy but at an affordable price.

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