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Managing Individual Profile

Each individual in your family tree has an individual profile that may contain as much information as desired: on the parents, the occupations, vitals data, unions, children, brothers & sisters, comments and pictures.

To get to an individual's profile click on their name in the family tree or in someone else's profile (e.g. click on the father of someone in his profile to get to the profile of the father).


Editing a profile

Click on 'Edit' in the section you want to edit. Add or edit what you want in the section and click on 'Save'. This will bring you back to the profile. You can even add comments to an individual's profile at the bottom of the profile (e.g. add stories about this person).

edit profile

Adding or editing a union

Click on 'Add' or 'Edit' a union in the profile where you want to add or edit a union. Enter the information on the union. You can even add information on their children by clicking on 'Add a child'.

edit union

Adding A Child

To add a child, you must first create the union for the parents. Then click on 'edit the union' in the profile of one of their parents. Enter the child's information and save it. You can also automatically add a child by clicking '+add a child' under the right union in your family tree.

add child

Adding a Brother or a Sister

The best way to add a brother or a sister is to add them as children of the same parents. All the children of the same parents are automatically brothers and sisters.

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