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Managing Pictures

Pictures can be found in 4 places : in the family tree (1 picture by person), in the profile main page (same picture as in the tree), or in the pictures section of the profile (all the pictures of the person, and in the picture section of all the profiles (all pictures).

Adding A Picture To Your Tree

To add a picture to your tree, click on the picture space of an individual. Select the right picture in your computer. Write a short description of the picture.

Adding A Picture To A Profile

Get to a profile by clicking on it in your family tree. Click on the 'pictures' tab at the top of the profile. Click on 'Add a picture'. Select the picture in your computer and write a short description for it.

Removing A Picture

In the profile click on one of the 'pictures' tabs. Select the pictures to be removed by checking the box below. Click on 'Remove those pictures'. If you delete an individual from your family tree all the pictures in his/her profile will be removed at the same time.

Adding Pictures Received From A Guest


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