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Help to start my family tree - My first visit. Browse through my family tree

The Family Tree section is easy to use and offers many possibilities. However, you have to be a Your Folks registered member and be logged in. Find out how to become a member for free.

My First Time

Answer a few questions to help start your tree. Your Folks will find some of your ancestors and if you are a Premium Plus subscriber, will give you the choice to add them automatically to your tree.

In less than 5 minutes, you will have your tree. For more details on how to proceed, click here.

Browsing Through Your Family Tree

Your family tree can contain as many people as you want but will show a maximum of 5 generations at the same time on the screen. Specifically, you will see: 1 subject, 3 generations of ancestors and 1 generation of lineage. The main subject of the tree (you) is always in a green box. Ancestors are on the right hand side, and the lineage is below each of your unions.

You can move through your tree by changing the tree's subject. Click on the 'house' on a person in your tree to make them the subject of your tree. You can also move to the right of your tree by clicking on the 'arrow' to see the next generation of an ancestor. At anytime, click on main to reset the position of your tree with its main subject (you).

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